Helite Saddle straps

Helite Saddle straps

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Every Helite air vest comes with a saddle strap. If you have more than saddle, you can install a saddle strap on each one. Get on your horse quickly and conveniently with your air vest! 

To ensure a reliable and fast inflation of your Helite equestrian air vest, you must use the saddle strap. Do not attach the carabiner of the lanyard to the metal rings on your saddle. This could result in damage to the saddle should you be ejected from your horse.

To know how to install your saddle strap, please click the installation tab below!


How to install your saddle strap:

Remove the two stirrup leathers from your saddle. Your saddle strap is shaped like a Y. Attach the Y-arms on each side of your saddle to the stirrup blades. You may need to loosen the strap to reach the stirrup blades. Put your stirrup leathers back on.

The rider is responsible for the proper installation of the saddle strap on the saddle. Be sure to adjust your saddle strap correctly:

• Not too long, which could delay or prevent the airbag triggering for example if you ride a small horse or pony.

• Not too short, which could hinder you while riding, for example when jumping.

TIP: Once the saddle strap is installed, get on your horse with your airbag. Attach your carabiner to the metal ring of the saddle strap and stand on your stirrups. The elastic part of the lanyard should be barely stretched.