Warranty, Shipping, and Refund

Guarantee of Helite products.

1 - Legal Guarantee

Our products are covered by a legal warranty against any manufacturing defects dating from before the purchase. The duration of the legal guarantee varies according to the law applicable in each country.


2 – Helite’s free 2-year warranty extension

Helite users can benefit from a free 2-year warranty extension. To do this, register at www.my.helite.com and follow the instructions to register your airbag and add it to your product list within 2 years of purchase. You will receive an email confirming your registration to be kept with your invoice and presented to your reseller or Helite customer service in case of a problem with your product.

This warranty extension is valid on Helite products purchased anywhere in the world, regardless of the retailer from which you purchased it (physical store or website).

It applies only to new Helite products and covers a maximum of 4 years from the original purchase date. Nevertheless, it may be transferred during the guarantee period to another person as part of a resale. To do this, the new owner must have the original proof of purchase from the previous owner. Persons using the products for commercial purposes (resale, rental, etc.) are not eligible for the extended guarantee.

Without proof of purchase/invoice and in the event that it is not valid or legible, your product cannot be taken care of under warranty.

The textile and electronic part of the product is not included in the extension of the warranty.

A product repaired or replaced under this warranty does not renew the warranty period.  

Helite reserves the right to change its warranty policy at any time. Your personal data is used as part of the warranty extension and in no case for commercial purposes. For more information, please consult our Personal Data Processing Policy. If your customer data changes, we ask that you update it quickly on your Helite Guaranteed Account.


3- The warranty conditions

Helite products are CE certified, are covered by a legal warranty and are eligible for a free warranty extension. Each airbag is rigorously tested before being sold. The product should only be used for the purpose for which it is intended.

These guarantees cover defects in parts and manufacturing of the product.

These warranties do not cover related problems, repairs and parts replacement:

  • improper installation, improper use and maintenance not in accordance with the instructions given by Helite;
  • normal wear and tear of the product;
  • an accident, fall, negligence or event that damaged the product;
  • modification or repair of the product by the user or an unqualified and unauthorized professional;
  • in a case of force majeure;
  • a use for which the product was not intended.
  • subjective judgements such as design, comfort, cutting, etc.

4 –Refund and after purchase service

If you find a problem with your product, the easiest way is to return to the store where you bought it or contact your internet reseller. You can also contact our customer service by email at Hello@safegallop.com and explain your problem. For a fast and efficient service, we ask you not to return your product without first contacting your reseller or our customer service.  

After contacting us, please follow our return procedure. It consists in returning your complete product (all mechanical components, fastening strap, full gas cartridge or vacuum) to the address we have given you. For jackets, please make sure you leave nothing in your pockets. You must also send us your completed return form to have a detailed description of your problem. It is mandatory that you attach a copy of your invoice or proof of purchase to any warranty request. We ask you to return your product in a solid and good quality packaging.  

If your product is taken under warranty then shipping, labor, repairs and parts replacement will be the responsibility of Helite.

If your product is not taken under warranty then we will send you a free quote before any intervention from us. No action will be taken without your consent.

If we cannot repair your product for any reason, we reserve the right, with your consent, to replace it with an equivalent product.  

You will not be able to claim your product as part of our warranty.

All Helite products returned to service are subject to a complete systematic review.

If you do not follow our return procedure and your warranty request is unjustified then we reserve the right to charge you for a review.  

Unfortunately, because we sell a safety product we cannot provide refunds for airbag vests. If you have questions on sizing please contact us direct at hello@safegallop.com