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Latest Helite Airbag Designs & Technology

Zip'In 2 Airbag

Helite's new Zip'In 2 airbag vest is here! A 2-in-1 vest offering more freedom for riders and better protection.

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AirJump Show Jacket

The AirJump airbag show jacket is perfect for riders looking to combine elegance with comfort and optimal protection. Compatible with the Zip'In airbags, perfect for the competitive rider.

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Child AirJacket

Helite equestrian airbags now in child sizes. The airbag vest fits nicely over any clothing or body protector. Offering full mobility while ensuring optimal protection.

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Helite Airbag Vest Accessories

Helite Saddle Strap

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Helite CO2 Cartridge

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Helite Key-Ball Lanyard

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Why Choose Helite?

A little fall last night... No boo-boo! My Helite Prestige Vest in action played its role of guardian angel! Well on the hand I broke my whip

Mlle Poney, Equestrian Blogger

I was skeptical about this vest. Having worn this for a few weeks, I can recommend it whole-heartedly! The fit is great and it is much lighter and minimal than all the other vests on the market (I did my research). I am glad I bought it. It has already deployed twice and both times, I was saved from what could have been major injuries. This airbag vest is well worth it! P.S. just be sure to order extra cartridges, you will need them!

Doris, Equestrian Rider

Very happy with our choice of the Helite vest. Really looking forward to seeing this advancement in our junior riders.

Amy, Equestrian Rider